Dan Jarvis - Statement on Schools Reopening

The safety of pupils, school staff and the wider community is paramount to the reopening of South Yorkshire’s schools. Schools should only re-open when robust safety measures are in place and fully enforced.

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Dan Jarvis MP - Statement on Dominic Cummings

There has been a great deal of anger at the reports concerning the Prime Minister’s Chief Adviser Dominic Cummings breaking Government lockdown guidance by travelling to Durham whilst potentially being ill with the Coronavirus.

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Dan Jarvis MP - After Lockdown, Support Barnsley's Visitor Attractions

Lockdown and enforced social isolation is taking its toll on all of us. Next Monday marks 8 weeks since the Prime Minister announced that we must stay at home, apart from for essential travel, to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. The lockdown is starting to take effect in reducing the rate of transmission and preventing our NHS from being overwhelmed. However, we cannot ignore the considerable personal burden this places on everyone who is apart from their families, not knowing when they will be reunited, or are experiencing ‘cabin fever’ at being cooped up at home with nowhere to go.

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Dan Jarvis MP - Organ Donation

One young life tragically lost, another courageously saved. As stories go, there are few more powerful than Max and Kiera’s.

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Dan Jarvis MP - 75th Anniversary of VE Day

8th May 1945 is a date that will forever live in our national consciousness. After six gruelling years, the war was finally over.

For those who lived through the conflict, it was a moment of collective relief and elation. For everyone else since, it is a moment to pay tribute to the sacrifice of the Second World War generation; the thousands of young Barnsley men who left our town to fight for their country, some never to return.

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Dan Jarvis MP - International Workers' Memorial Day 2020

Please accept my apologies for being unable to join you today – the first time in Barnsley Trades Council’s proud history that this meeting is being conducted via Zoom!

Sadly, this is a sign of the times for many of us as we adjust to the new reality of the Coronavirus crisis: the social distancing; being apart from family, friends and loved ones; working and learning remotely – that is the new normal in the face of the gravest public health crisis any of us have faced.

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Dan Jarvis - Update on Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is the gravest public health crisis we have faced & is profoundly damaging our economy. We will get through this with solidarity, courage, initiative, & hard work.

Here is what I’ve been doing to make sure South #Yorkshire plays its part.


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Dan Jarvis MP - Coronavirus and Mental Health

The Coronavirus pandemic has severely disrupted how we live our lives and is already having a profound impact on our economy, as local businesses weather the storm of the virus and the accompanying devastation. I’m working around the clock to get essential support and guidance for our businesses, to protect jobs in the short and medium-term and ensure we salvage as much of our regional economy as possible for the longer-term project of rebuilding our country and our economy that will begin when we have overcome the Coronavirus.

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Dan Jarvis MP - Statement on Warehouse Working Conditions

I understand and share concerns about the implications of online retailers remaining open at this time. I have personally raised my concerns directly with the Chief Executives of local businesses, Barnsley Council, Government Ministers and Trade Unions and I will continue to push for Government guidelines on social distancing and workers’ safety to be fully implemented and enforced.

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Dan Jarvis - Message to South Yorkshire Key Workers

I want to express my profound and heartfelt gratitude to all of those on the front line of the most serious public health crisis any of us have faced.

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