Dan Jarvis - Barnsley Chronicle 16 April 2021

On a sunny Sunday afternoon recently, I took part in a two hour Zoom meeting – the kind of which has become the norm in the last 12 months! – on the issue of Community Wealth Building. I’ll admit it, at first mention it’s not something that will set many pulses racing. But the reason that those on that call were willing to give up a nice Sunday afternoon is because this is an idea with the potential to reshape how our economy works.  

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Dan Jarvis - Statement on restrictions easing

From 19 July, most Covid legal restrictions have lifted. Whilst it is very welcome that we on the road back to normality, positive cases and the numbers of people having to self-isolate is increasing rapidly – with Barnsley amongst the top ten hotspots in the country. This underlines the fact that we aren’t yet out of the woods.

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Dan Jarvis - Barnsley Chronicle 9 April 2021

Our young people have been hit incredibly hard by the pandemic. Pupils have experienced extensive disruption to their education through the shift to learning remotely. University students especially have had to grapple with the unimaginable difficulty of uprooting their lives to an entirely new city, only to be locked down in their accommodation, unable to return to families and unable to make the most of the university experience that they had expected. Apprentices have faced huge uncertainty about their future employment and training. Young families are more likely to be in insecure, rented housing without access to gardens or outdoor spaces. Young workers are more likely to be the first in line for redundancy if firms are forced to make job losses.  

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Dan Jarvis - Barnsley Chronicle 2 April 2021

This Easter weekend is an opportunity to enjoy the long weekend, to get a decent break and to spend time – in a Covid-secure way! – with family, friends and loved ones. Whatever your personal beliefs, it is also an opportunity to reflect on the universal message of the Easter story: one of hope, life and new beginnings. 

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South Yorkshire Leaders Joint Statement on Buses

Following the publication of the Government’s National Bus Strategy and Greater Manchester’s bus franchising announcement the South Yorkshire Mayor and Local council Leaders have issued the following statement:

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Dan Jarvis - Statement on John Lewis Closure in Sheffield

Losing John Lewis in Sheffield deals another blow to retail workers who are among those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. My heart goes out to the workers and their families whose livelihoods are at risk.

The store has been a cornerstone of the city’s retail offer for more than a century. I am working with John Lewis and Sheffield City Council to determine what this means for those whose jobs are now on the line and what can be done to support them.

In challenging times, the people of Sheffield rally around each other and I know we will bounce back despite the challenges COVID throws at us.

It’s clear high streets need to adapt, and that’s why we’re taking unprecedented action to create jobs, help people retrain and revitalise our town and city centres. We want them to thrive in the long term, by making them more vibrant, greener and attractive – and to be places where people can live and visit, as well a shop.

This week, local leaders and I approved a £860m stimulus in South Yorkshire’s economy to start our recovery and renewal from COVID. This is a game changing investment in our region’s economy, which will very significantly benefit Sheffield. This includes £300m to transform our places and high streets.

I’m determined to ensure Sheffield and South Yorkshire comes through this.

Dan Jarvis - Barnsley Chronicle 19 March 2021

Last week, local leaders and I announced a £860m South Yorkshire Renewal Fund to build a stronger, greener and fairer regional economy as we recover from Covid. This will unleash South Yorkshire’s potential and invest hundreds of millions into schemes to fundamentally transform our regional economy: creating thousands of good, well-paid jobs; training workers and apprentices; building a public transport system fit for the 21st Century; transforming our infrastructure; revitalising our High Streets and urban centres. 

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Dan Jarvis - Bid to Reopen Royston Railway Resubmitted

Barnsley Central and South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis is leading the bid resubmission process to restore the railway line between Barnsley and Wakefield via Royston, as part of the Department for Transport’s Restore Your Railway Fund. 

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Laptops for Kids and councils join forces to buy 7,000 devices for South Yorkshire families

Laptops for Kids has joined forces with local authorities to buy nearly 7,000 devices for South Yorkshire – enough to supply most of the households in need across the county.

The charitable organisation has sourced a supply of child-friendly laptops from Dell Technologies to enable children to access remote learning during the pandemic.

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Dan Jarvis meets Barnsley charity TADS

Barnsley Central MP and South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis met with Carly Turnbull, General Manager of Therapies for Anxieties, Depression and Stress (TADS) to discuss the crisis in mental health amongst children and young people.

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