Dan Jarvis - Barnsley Chronicle 19 March 2021

Last week, local leaders and I announced a £860m South Yorkshire Renewal Fund to build a stronger, greener and fairer regional economy as we recover from Covid. This will unleash South Yorkshire’s potential and invest hundreds of millions into schemes to fundamentally transform our regional economy: creating thousands of good, well-paid jobs; training workers and apprentices; building a public transport system fit for the 21st Century; transforming our infrastructure; revitalising our High Streets and urban centres. 

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Dan Jarvis - Bid to Reopen Royston Railway Resubmitted

Barnsley Central and South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis is leading the bid resubmission process to restore the railway line between Barnsley and Wakefield via Royston, as part of the Department for Transport’s Restore Your Railway Fund. 

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Laptops for Kids and councils join forces to buy 7,000 devices for South Yorkshire families

Laptops for Kids has joined forces with local authorities to buy nearly 7,000 devices for South Yorkshire – enough to supply most of the households in need across the county.

The charitable organisation has sourced a supply of child-friendly laptops from Dell Technologies to enable children to access remote learning during the pandemic.

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Dan Jarvis meets Barnsley charity TADS

Barnsley Central MP and South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis met with Carly Turnbull, General Manager of Therapies for Anxieties, Depression and Stress (TADS) to discuss the crisis in mental health amongst children and young people.

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Dan Jarvis MP - Barnsley Chronicle 5 March 2021

This week marks ten years since I was first elected as the MP for Barnsley Central in a by-election. My time in Parliament has often felt like an endless whirlwind of events: three General Elections; a Mayoral election; two era-defining referenda; conflicts in Libya and Syria; political, economic and health crises. In other words, plenty to keep me busy!

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Dan Jarvis meets SAFG

Barnsley Central MP and South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis met with Skillz Academy For Girls (SAFG) following their achievement in receiving Kick It Out accreditation. Jarvis met with co-founders Chris White and Craig Marsh to discuss what more can be done to support their work and promote girls football participation.

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Dan Jarvis meets with new cohort of trainee district nurses

Barnsley Central MP and South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis met with the new cohort of Barnsley trainee district nurses to discuss the challenge of tackling persistent health inequalities in our local communities.

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Dan Jarvis MP - Barnsley Chronicle 26 February 2021

Data from the Office for National Statistics underlines the scale of the challenge that Barnsley and South Yorkshire faces in the aftermath of the pandemic. Redundancies are increasing faster than in the 2008 economic crash. Unemployment is surging to levels that we have not seen since the 1990s, when the Major Government’s pit closure programme ripped out the heart and soul out of Northern coalfield communities.

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Dan Jarvis MP - Barnsley Chronicle 19 February 2021

When Commonwealth born British Army veteran Taitusi Ratucaucau woke up in hospital following the emergency removal of a brain tumour, he faced a bill of nearly £30,000. An ongoing dispute with the Home Office denied him access to free healthcare, so it was down to the British public’s generosity to cover the costs. When I first read his story, I didn’t believe it.

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Dan Jarvis MP - Barnsley Chronicle 12 February 2021

This week is National Apprenticeships Week, and I’m championing apprentices and employers across Barnsley and South Yorkshire who have a pivotal role to play in supporting our economic recovery and renewal in the aftermath of Covid. Here in South Yorkshire, we’ve got a plan to shape our future regional economy, focusing on making it better, as well as bigger, to serve our people and communities. Fully funded, our Renewal Action Plan (RAP) would create 55,000 job and training opportunities and 3,000 high-skilled apprenticeships – putting jobs at the heart of our Covid recovery.

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