Statement on Rotherham child abuse report

Statement from Dan Jarvis, Member of Parliament for Barnsley Central:

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Celebrities, singers and sportsmen help me support the Barnsley Youth Choir

In July 2014 the 8th World Choir Games takes place in Riga, Latvia. Forty-four talented young people have the opportunity to represent Barnsley Youth Choir, our town and Great Britain at this prestigious event.

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Huffington Post article: Addressing a Casualisation of Violence - Youth Justice

The government's recent announcement on young people in the justice system has led to debate about not just how young offenders can be prevented from reoffending but how young people can be prevented from offending in the first place.

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2014, Labour's year of...commemoration

As we focus our attention upon the centenary commemorations for the first world war next year, there are those who are already saying we should seek to answer the fundamental question of why Britain went to war in the first instance.

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My Sunday Telegraph article: Veterans Deserve Lifetime of Help

Marine A contravened the Geneva Convention, yet so few people in authority truly understand what war can do to a person

The sentencing of Sgt Alexander Blackman, aka Marine A, has focused attention on the way the criminal-justice system and courts-martial process deal with serving and former members of the Armed Forces. There is no doubt that Sgt Blackman’s actions directly contravened the Geneva Convention – and given that what makes us different from our enemies is that we have rules, and follow them, it’s right that he faced the consequences.

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The Government should support “Eve’s Law”

A fortnight ago, Eve Thomas, a woman who was subjected to over 20 years of abuse at the hands of her partner, made the journey to London to talk to me about "Eve's Law".

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Huffington Post Article: More needs to be done to tackle Domestic Violence

Last week, on the UN's International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Government announced a new initiative in "Clare's Law".

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My evidence as Shadow Victims Minister to the APPG on Domestic Violence

Thank you to Women’s Aid and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Domestic and Sexual Violence for establishing an enquiry into this important issue, and the continued work that is done to tackle these appalling crimes.

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The House Magazine article: Remembrance of things past

As we look forward to beginning the centenary commemorations of WW1 next year, there will be those who say we should seek to understand the fundamental question of why Britain went to war in the first instance.

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Government 'slap in the face' to South Yorkshire’s innocent victims of crime

Government plans to distribute money for victims and witnesses will see South Yorkshire short-changed by almost £150,000.

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