We should enshrine in law a target for cutting child poverty

We are living through the biggest increase in relative child poverty in a generation.

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My questioning of Government reveals they abolished child poverty unit

In response to my parliamentary question, the government admit they have abolished the Child Poverty Unit. So they now have no target, no unit and no intention of ending child poverty.

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Child poverty should scar our conscience - my Times article

I have written for The Times about why we should enshrine in law a target for cutting child poverty. You can read the full article here.

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A Quiet Crisis

Last week the Office for National Statistics released figures showing that over the course of winter last year a staggering 24,300 people died from mostly preventable causes.

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Take Time to Remember and Reflect

2016 has been another poignant year of remembrance. The people of Britain and the Commonwealth marked the centenary of the battles of Jutland and the Somme.

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WASPI campaigners are determined to fight

Back in January I wrote about the plight of hundreds of thousands of women facing financial hardship following the government’s rapid increase in their state pension age.

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Helping hard-pressed families stretch their budgets

We all hear stories in the news about food going to waste from supermarkets and a lot of us question why it can’t be used to help people who need it.

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Opening up Parliament

Ensuring our young people get the best opportunities in life has always been one of my priorities. No career choice should be closed off to them.

Yet it is still hard to get into a wide range of ‘establishment’ industries – such as the media, law and financial services. Sadly, there seems to still be a perception that Parliament is also one of those places.

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Statement about the suspension of the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police

The decision of the jury at the Hillsborough inquest has finally brought to light the truth about this appalling miscarriage of justice.

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Ongoing concerns about potential fracking in Barnsley

I remain very concerned about recent developments regarding potential fracking sites in Barnsley.

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