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You can read about my view on a variety of policy issues here. Posts are organised in date order, so if an issue is current then you're more likely to find it at the top. Or you can search using subject areas.

Pensions Dashboard

The Pensions Dashboard was intended to be a service that would enable pension recipients to be able to keep track of their pension pots and the different investment options open to them.

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It is important to ensure that local pubs are able to survive and thrive at what is a difficult time for the industry. The Labour Party has previously supported steps to relieve the tax burden on local pubs, such as through supporting the scrapping of the beer duty escalator.

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Sanitary Products

I fully support the removal of VAT on sanitary products.

Having a period is a completely natural process and the buying of sanitary products is a basic necessity, not a luxury.

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Universal Credit

The Government should stop the rollout of Universal Credit and fix the problems that it is causing in the real world.

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Unpaid Trial Shifts

The use of unpaid trial shifts by large companies is a practice that is open to exploitation by unscrupulous employers. These trials are particularly used to employ young people who can feel pressured into accepting these kinds of practices.

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Votes at 16

We should give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote. In the case of the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, the reduction in the voting age to 16 enabled a generation of young people to become politically engaged and have their say on their country’s constitutional future.

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Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

I firmly believe that the sale of arms internationally should only take place under a robust licencing framework. This should track the eventual destination of arms to the end user and ensure that weapons do not end up in the hands of rogue states or terrorist groups. In my opinion, the UK Government’s current policy on arms export controls adequately provides this framework.

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I believe that we should endeavour to make all workplaces breastfeeding-friendly and support local health services to become baby friendly.

No parent should feel stigmatised for breastfeeding, and we should be more accepting of such a normal act in the workplace.

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Animal cruelty offences

The current sentencing guidelines for animal cruelty offences are too lenient and not currently in line with those in other countries. We need to be clear that animal cruelty will not be tolerated by raising the maximum sentence for these appalling crimes.

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European Union: Brexit & Article 50

I will be voting to trigger Article 50 when the vote comes before Parliament. People in my constituency voted to leave the European Union and I will respect that verdict. Whilst I welcome the fact that Parliament will be properly scrutinising the Brexit negotiation process, I will not be attempting to overturn the result of the referendum.

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