Continuing the Culture Tour

Following on from my visit to the “super library” in Canada Water, it was great to go to the Idea Store in Tower Hamlets. It is a fantastic example of a library which is truly about learning, ideas and interaction in the community.

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Jarvis Visits British Library and Criticises Tory Mayor of London

Shadow Culture Minister, Dan Jarvis, has continued his tour of the nation’s libraries this morning as he visited the British Library.

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Jarvis Hails Free Museum Entry

Shadow Culture Minister Dan Jarvis has spoken on the 10th anniversary of free admission into museums and galleries, calling it “one of Labour’s great achievements.”

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Constituency Update

It has been a good couple of weeks, with much happening in both Barnsley and Westminster.

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Jarvis Brands NHS Reorganisation Costs as “Indefensible.”

Dan Jarvis MP has criticised David Cameron and Andrew Lansley’s NHS reorganisation, brandishing it “Unjustifiable” as he prepares for his ‘Care at Christmas’ campaign in Barnsley.

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Jarvis Slams Raw Deal for Barnsley

Labour MP, Dan Jarvis, has strongly criticised Chancellor George Osborne following today’s Autumn Statement.

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Jarvis Starts Libraries Debate

At the opening of the new library in Canada Water, Jarvis stated;

“Today I launched my National Tour of Libraries to inform our ‘Vision for a 21st Century Library’.

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Jarvis to Visit UK Libraries

Shadow Culture Minister, Dan Jarvis is preparing to launch his regional Library tour on Monday morning at the impressive new £14million ‘Super Library’ at Canada Water in London.

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On Tour

Today I began my tour of the regions in order to visit our cultural and creative organisations outside of the Capital. I have been clear since taking on my role that we should be proud of the arts and culture throughout our country, and also recognise the potential for growth and jobs from the creative industries in every corner of Britain.

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Shadow Culture Minister to Tour the Regions

Shadow Culture Minister Dan Jarvis will begin a tour of the regions tomorrow as he looks to talk to the arts and creative industries across the whole of the UK.

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