Jarvis appointed Shadow Culture, Media & Sport Minister

Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis has been appointed as a Shadow Minister in Labour’s Culture, Media, Olympics and Sports team where he will work for the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Shadow Secretary of State, Harriet Harman.

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Jarvis, “Fox has fallen short of Standards we expect.”

Former paratrooper and now Labour MP, Dan Jarvis, today kept the heat on Defence Secretary Liam Fox by suggesting that this week's revelations are simply "the latest in a series of bad judgment calls by the Defence Secretary."

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Police cuts: No battle is won without support in depth

Yesterday we heard the latest in a long line of speeches from Theresa May about her vision for our police force: cuts of up to 20%, changes to police terms and service conditions and pension arrangements, electing police commissioners at a cost of 3,000 police officers, and vitally, a lack of strategic vision on policing – a far cry from the speech we heard last week from Yvette Cooper. The Home Secretary believes that these changes will not effect the front line. I know, as we all know, that this is a catastrophic misjudgment and demonstrates a naivety of the work our Police force carries out.

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Jarvis Slams

Labour MP Dan Jarvis has responded to David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative Party conference in Manchester this afternoon.

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Jarvis tells Fox to “Show some respect”

Labour MP Dan Jarvis has responded to Liam Fox’s claims that the military should take their blame for the economic crisis.

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Fulfilling the Promise of Britain

Today Ed Miliband mapped out his vision for Britain with a speech that left the conference in no doubt that he plans to restore the public’s faith in the Labour party.

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Labour Party Conference

The Labour party conference is always a very special week in my calendar and this year it is even more special. It is my first as the Member of Parliament for Barnsley Central and it is the first time in living memory that the party has visited the wonderful city of Liverpool.

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The Thin Blue Line is Only Getting Thinner

Today I wanted to learn far more about the role of the police support staff given the government’s insistence that a large number of these jobs are non-essential. So I spent the morning working with a team who were putting together plans and briefs for frontline officers. Whilst I was there, I was taken aback by their intricate knowledge of the area, of the problems and of the history of convicted offenders in and around the town. The professionalism of the police in their planning operations reminded me of my time in the Army.

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Jarvis tells Clegg "You're not fooling anybody."

Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis, has responded to Nick Clegg's keynote speech at the Liberal Democrat conference by telling the Sheffield MP, "You're not fooling anybody."

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Jarvis Responds to Clegg’s Summer Camp Proposal

Dan has today responded to Nick Clegg's proposals to spend £50million on summer camps for disenchanted youths...

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