Jarvis Slams Home Secretary’s “Alarming Naivety of Frontline Service.”

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, today attended a police forum at a local police station in Barnsley.

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Dan to Spend a Week on the Beat

Over the next week I will be joining South Yorkshire police officers in and around Barnsley, to get a better understanding of their job and how the proposed cuts really will affect frontline services.

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Jarvis Lands Gold with Olympic Bursary Scheme

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, has announced his new digital bursary scheme which will give students in the town the chance to cover the 2012 Olympic Games.

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9/11 Tribute

This Sunday, we should pause and remember, for the tenth time, those who lost their lives on September 11th 2001.

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Jarvis to Launch

Dan jarvis will launch his Proud of Barnsley scheme today at Carlton Community College.

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“Irresponsible Gamble with Public Safety” warns Jarvis

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis has today attacked the government’s police cuts amidst fears that South Yorkshire Forces are set to lose more than 400 police officers.

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Jarvis Slams Shapps & Urges More Leadership on Housing

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, has reacted to today’s announcement that the number of homeowner’s in England is at the lowest since the 1980’s and projected to fall further, by saying “more leadership is required from the government.”

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Dan Congratulates A-Level Students

I was delighted to hear that so many students in Barnsley have received the results they wanted today. Having spoken to many of them since my election in March, I know just how hard they’ve worked and how richly these results are deserved. For those that didn’t get the results they wanted, despite the dedication and work, it really isn’t the end of the world. There are always plenty of other opportunities and chances.

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Dan Wants Barnsley to “Be a Part of It.”

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, will use the Parliamentary recess to visit some of South Yorkshire’s biggest tourist attractions as the regions tourist economy continues to grow.

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Dan Slams Soldier Extension Proposals

Former Army Major and Labour MP, Dan Jarvis, has today spoken out against proposals to extend soldiers tours in Afghanistan from six to twelve months.

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